Cell Phone Repair in Embrun, Ontario

#1 Embrun, Ontario Supplier for Cell Phone Repair Parts

Has your smartphone slipped out of your hand, taken a swim or just plain stopped working?

Our highly trained techies can get your device back to perfect condition in no time and for the guaranteed lowest price.

Everyone has their preference but whether you have an iPhone, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, BlackBerry, Nokia Amazon OnePlus, Sony or Google device, we can repair it for you.

Our Embrun, Ontario location techs are fully trained to handle all types of smartphone issues including glass and LCD replacement, water damage, headphone jack replacement, home button repair, battery replacements and more.

The difference between us and the other guys is that we care about you and your device.

We work hard to get you reconnected as quickly as possible with a high-quality repair at the lowest price around.

Repair Your Phone Yourself

Cell Phone Repair Shop Near Embrun, Ontario

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